Tempus ALS

Tempus ALS® is RDT’s latest defibrillation/monitoring solution that delivers real choice and flexibility. The combined solution brings together the market leading Tempus Pro® vital signs monitor and the Tempus LS® i professional defibrillator to create the Tempus Advanced Life Support system.

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Easy of Tempus ALS

• Defibrillator small enough to fit in your fully-equipped grab bag.

• Simplicity, Flexibility and Choice.

• Small and slender enough to fit in your paniers.

• Small and Lightweight



Control Interface
• Defibrillator interface is via clearly labelled buttons
• Monitor user interface is provided by a touch screen and simple graphically labelled buttons
• Drugs, fluids, therapies and interventions quickly added to the patient record through the Event button
Monitor Alarms
• User configurable visual and audible alarms
• Adult, paediatric and neonate settings
• Adjustable alarms ≤85 dBA at 1m
• 360° alarm visible indicator lights

• Defibrillator – colour 145 mm (5.7”), 640×480 pixels
• Monitor – colour 165 mm (6.5”) 640×480 pixels, 130 klux daylight readable display
• Multiple user-selectable display formats
• High-contrast mode, NVG compatible

Printer V
• High resolution 113 mm (4”) integrated thermal printer compatible with pre-printed paper
On-Screen Trends & Events
• Graphical and tabular format for all vital signs parameters
• Summary record of care